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Wednesday 14 June 2017 Meeting started at 2.40pm, ended 7.32pm



Commons Chamber

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  • The House will go to the House of Lords to receive Royal approbation for its choice of Speaker

  • Swearing in of Members of the Commons

  • 14:43:49

    The House will go to the House of Lords to receive Royal approbation for its choice of Speaker

  • 14:55:40

    Swearing in of Members of the Commons

  • 14:55:46

    Rt Hon John Bercow MP (Buckingham, Speaker)

  • 15:02:29

    Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP (Rushcliffe, Conservative)

  • 15:03:39

    Rt Hon Theresa May MP (Maidenhead, Conservative)

  • 15:04:01

    Rt Hon Damian Green MP (Ashford, Conservative)

  • 15:04:21

    Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP (Runnymede and Weybridge, Conservative)

  • 15:04:45

    Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP (Hastings and Rye, Conservative)

  • 15:05:15

    Rt Hon Justine Greening MP (Putney, Conservative)

  • 15:05:35

    Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP (South West Surrey, Conservative)

  • 15:05:54

    Rt Hon David Lidington MP (Aylesbury, Conservative)

  • 15:06:14

    Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP (South Northamptonshire, Conservative)

  • 15:06:33

    Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP (South Staffordshire, Conservative)

  • 15:06:51

    Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP (Bromsgrove, Conservative)

  • 15:07:16

    Rt Hon Priti Patel MP (Witham, Conservative)

  • 15:07:40

    Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP (Epsom and Ewell, Conservative)

  • 15:07:57

    Rt Hon Greg Clark MP (Tunbridge Wells, Conservative)

  • 15:08:13

    Rt Hon Sir Patrick McLoughlin MP (Derbyshire Dales, Conservative)

  • 15:08:29

    Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP (South West Norfolk, Conservative)

  • 15:08:50

    Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP (Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Conservative)

  • 15:09:17

    Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP (Old Bexley and Sidcup, Conservative)

  • 15:09:46

    Rt Hon Brandon Lewis MP (Great Yarmouth, Conservative)

  • 15:10:07

    Rt Hon Michael Gove MP (Surrey Heath, Conservative)

  • 15:10:27

    Rt Hon David Davis MP (Haltemprice and Howden, Conservative)

  • 15:10:46

    Rt Hon David Mundell MP (Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, Conservative)

  • 15:11:20

    Rt Hon Alun Cairns MP (Vale of Glamorgan, Conservative)

  • 15:11:50

    Rt Hon David Gauke MP (South West Hertfordshire, Conservative)

  • 15:12:30

    Rt Hon Karen Bradley MP (Staffordshire Moorlands, Conservative)

  • 15:12:55

    Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP (Kenilworth and Southam, Conservative)

  • 15:13:14

    Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP (Islington North, Labour)

  • 15:13:44

    Rt Hon Nicholas Brown MP (Newcastle upon Tyne East, Labour)

  • 15:14:06

    Rt Hon Emily Thornberry MP (Islington South and Finsbury, Labour)

  • 15:14:50

    Rt Hon John McDonnell MP (Hayes and Harlington, Labour)

  • 15:15:18

    Rt Hon Diane Abbott MP (Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Labour)

  • 15:15:44

    Valerie Vaz MP (Walsall South, Labour)

  • 15:16:14

    Rt Hon John Healey MP (Wentworth and Dearne, Labour)

  • 15:16:39

    Andrew Gwynne MP (Denton and Reddish, Labour)

  • 15:17:04

    Ian Lavery MP (Wansbeck, Labour)

  • 15:17:38

    Barry Gardiner MP (Brent North, Labour)

  • 15:18:01

    Richard Burgon MP (Leeds East, Labour)

  • 15:19:06

    Angela Rayner MP (Ashton-under-Lyne, Labour)

  • 15:19:30

    Jon Trickett MP (Hemsworth, Labour)

  • 15:20:33

    Andy McDonald MP (Middlesbrough, Labour)

  • 15:21:39

    Jonathan Ashworth MP (Leicester South, Labour (Co-op))

  • 15:22:07

    Cat Smith MP (Lancaster and Fleetwood, Labour)

  • 15:22:31

    Kate Osamor MP (Edmonton, Labour (Co-op))

  • 15:23:27

    Rebecca Long Bailey MP (Salford and Eccles, Labour)

  • 15:24:19

    Barbara Keeley MP (Worsley and Eccles South, Labour)

  • 15:24:43

    Sue Hayman MP (Workington, Labour)

  • 15:25:34

    Debbie Abrahams MP (Oldham East and Saddleworth, Labour)

  • 15:25:52

    Christina Rees MP (Neath, Labour (Co-op))

  • 15:26:25

    Nia Griffith MP (Llanelli, Labour)

  • 15:27:08

    Keir Starmer MP (Holborn and St Pancras, Labour)

  • 15:27:27

    Peter Dowd MP (Bootle, Labour)

  • 15:27:52

    Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP (Derby South, Labour)

  • 15:28:12

    Rt Hon Frank Field MP (Birkenhead, Labour)

  • 15:28:31

    Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP (Chesham and Amersham, Conservative)

  • 15:29:11

    Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan MP (Rutland and Melton, Conservative)

  • 15:29:55

    Rt Hon David Evennett MP (Bexleyheath and Crayford, Conservative)

  • 15:31:30

    Rt Hon John Redwood MP (Wokingham, Conservative)

  • 15:32:09

    Paul Flynn MP (Newport West, Labour)

  • 15:33:28

    Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP (West Suffolk, Conservative)

  • 15:33:54

    Rt Hon Sir Desmond Swayne MP (New Forest West, Conservative)

  • 15:34:12

    Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman MP (Meriden, Conservative)

  • 15:34:36

    Rt Hon Anne Milton MP (Guildford, Conservative)

  • 15:34:58

    Rt Hon Sir Oliver Heald QC MP (North East Hertfordshire, Conservative)

  • 15:35:52

    Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge MP (Barking, Labour)

  • 15:36:35

    Rt Hon Sir Kevin Barron MP (Rother Valley, Labour)

  • 15:37:14

    Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP (Harlow, Conservative)

  • 15:38:15

    Rt Hon John Spellar MP (Warley, Labour)

  • 15:39:21

    Rt Hon Nigel Dodds MP (Belfast North, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 15:39:50

    Rt Hon Richard Benyon MP (Newbury, Conservative)

  • 15:40:11

    Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP (Arundel and South Downs, Conservative)

  • 15:41:07

    Rt Hon Sir Jeffrey M. Donaldson MP (Lagan Valley, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 15:42:15

    Kate Hoey MP (Vauxhall, Labour)

  • 15:42:37

    Dr Thérèse Coffey MP (Suffolk Coastal, Conservative)

  • 15:42:57

    Mr Ronnie Campbell MP (Blyth Valley, Labour)

  • 15:43:33

    Rt Hon Dominic Grieve QC MP (Beaconsfield, Conservative)

  • 15:43:52

    Rt Hon Sir Edward Davey MP (Kingston and Surbiton, Liberal Democrat)

  • 15:44:32

    Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP (Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat)

  • 15:44:47

    Sir Vince Cable MP (Twickenham, Liberal Democrat)

  • 15:45:27

    Rt Hon George Howarth MP (Knowsley, Labour)

  • 15:46:12

    Rt Hon Tom Brake MP (Carshalton and Wallington, Liberal Democrat)

  • 15:46:30

    Rt Hon Dame Rosie Winterton MP (Doncaster Central, Labour)

  • 15:46:50

    Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP (Leicester East, Labour)

  • 15:47:14

    Rt Hon David Hanson MP (Delyn, Labour)

  • 15:47:42

    Rt Hon Caroline Flint MP (Don Valley, Labour)

  • 15:48:32

    Rt Hon John Hayes MP (South Holland and The Deepings, Conservative)

  • 15:48:53

    Mr Philip Dunne MP (Ludlow, Conservative)

  • 15:49:11

    Rt Hon Maria Miller MP (Basingstoke, Conservative)

  • 15:50:06

    Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP (Preseli Pembrokeshire, Conservative)

  • 15:50:36

    Rt Hon Theresa Villiers MP (Chipping Barnet, Conservative)

  • 15:51:17

  • 15:51:59

    Rt Hon David Jones MP (Clwyd West, Conservative)

  • 15:53:02

    Rt Hon Lindsay Hoyle MP (Chorley, Labour)

  • 15:53:25

    Rt Hon Alan Campbell MP (Tynemouth, Labour)

  • 15:53:43

    Rt Hon Sir Oliver Letwin MP (West Dorset, Conservative)

  • 15:54:01

    Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP (North East Bedfordshire, Conservative)

  • 15:54:44

    Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP (Exeter, Labour)

  • 15:56:00

    Tracey Crouch MP (Chatham and Aylesford, Conservative)

  • 15:56:22

    Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight MP (East Yorkshire, Conservative)

  • 15:56:57

    Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP (Wyre and Preston North, Conservative)

  • 15:57:46

    Rt Hon Mark Harper MP (Forest of Dean, Conservative)

  • 15:58:26

    Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP (New Forest East, Conservative)

  • 15:58:53

    Sir William Cash MP (Stone, Conservative)

  • 15:59:20

    Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP (Loughborough, Conservative)

  • 16:00:00

    Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP (Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, Conservative)

  • 16:00:36

    Sir Peter Bottomley MP (Worthing West, Conservative)

  • 16:01:07

    Mr Richard Bacon MP (South Norfolk, Conservative)

  • 16:01:56

    Jesse Norman MP (Hereford and South Herefordshire, Conservative)

  • 16:02:55

    Michael Ellis MP (Northampton North, Conservative)

  • 16:03:29

    Margot James MP (Stourbridge, Conservative)

  • 16:04:28

    Steve Brine MP (Winchester, Conservative)

  • 16:04:57

    Sir Roger Gale MP (North Thanet, Conservative)

  • 16:05:34

    John Howell MP (Henley, Conservative)

  • 16:05:59

    Ms Angela Eagle MP (Wallasey, Labour)

  • 16:06:33

    Helen Jones MP (Warrington North, Labour)

  • 16:06:55

    Fiona Bruce MP (Congleton, Conservative)

  • 16:08:19

    Gloria De Piero MP (Ashfield, Labour)

  • 16:08:43

    Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP (Camberwell and Peckham, Labour)

  • 16:09:22

    Heidi Alexander MP (Lewisham East, Labour)

  • 16:10:54

    Catherine McKinnell MP (Newcastle upon Tyne North, Labour)

  • 16:11:36

    Robert Buckland MP (South Swindon, Conservative)

  • 16:12:07

    Paul Maynard MP (Blackpool North and Cleveleys, Conservative)

  • 16:12:50

    Mrs Eleanor Laing MP (Epping Forest, Conservative)

  • 16:13:40

    Karl Turner MP (Kingston upon Hull East, Labour)

  • 16:14:06

    Ian Paisley MP (North Antrim, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 16:14:49

    Sir David Amess MP (Southend West, Conservative)

  • 16:15:19

    David Simpson MP (Upper Bann, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 16:15:45

    Gavin Robinson MP (Belfast East, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 16:17:01

    Sammy Wilson MP (East Antrim, Democratic Unionist Party)

  • 16:17:24

    Mike Gapes MP (Ilford South, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:18:00

    Mr Kevan Jones MP (North Durham, Labour)

  • 16:18:39

    John Cryer MP (Leyton and Wanstead, Labour)

  • 16:19:10

    Mr Virendra Sharma MP (Ealing, Southall, Labour)

  • 16:19:38

    Mr Adrian Bailey MP (West Bromwich West, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:20:10

    Mr Stephen Hepburn MP (Jarrow, Labour)

  • 16:20:34

    Kelvin Hopkins MP (Luton North, Labour)

  • 16:21:26

    Nadine Dorries MP (Mid Bedfordshire, Conservative)

  • 16:22:03

    Fabian Hamilton MP (Leeds North East, Labour)

  • 16:22:29

    Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP (East Ham, Labour)

  • 16:23:07

    Lisa Nandy MP (Wigan, Labour)

  • 16:23:38

    Dr Alan Whitehead MP (Southampton, Test, Labour)

  • 16:24:03

    Clive Efford MP (Eltham, Labour)

  • 16:24:44

    Mr Ivan Lewis MP (Bury South, Labour)

  • 16:25:46

    Sir David Crausby MP (Bolton North East, Labour)

  • 16:27:08

    Mike Kane MP (Wythenshawe and Sale East, Labour)

  • 16:28:04

    Tony Lloyd MP (Rochdale, Labour)

  • 16:28:33

    Mr Jim Cunningham MP (Coventry South, Labour)

  • 16:29:03

    Seema Malhotra MP (Feltham and Heston, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:29:31

    Chris Bryant MP (Rhondda, Labour)

  • 16:30:11

    Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger MP (Bridgwater and West Somerset, Conservative)

  • 16:30:36

    Tim Farron MP (Westmorland and Lonsdale, Liberal Democrat)

  • 16:31:15

    Lilian Greenwood MP (Nottingham South, Labour)

  • 16:31:48

    Bill Esterson MP (Sefton Central, Labour)

  • 16:32:26

    Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP (North Norfolk, Liberal Democrat)

  • 16:32:49

    Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP (North Shropshire, Conservative)

  • 16:33:10

    Mr Robin Walker MP (Worcester, Conservative)

  • 16:33:45

    Geraint Davies MP (Swansea West, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:34:19

    Chloe Smith MP (Norwich North, Conservative)

  • 16:34:54

    Bill Wiggin MP (North Herefordshire, Conservative)

  • 16:35:17

    Nick Thomas-Symonds MP (Torfaen, Labour)

  • 16:35:50

    Ian C. Lucas MP (Wrexham, Labour)

  • 16:36:15

    Graham Stringer MP (Blackley and Broughton, Labour)

  • 16:36:39

    Gordon Marsden MP (Blackpool South, Labour)

  • 16:37:06

    Caroline Nokes MP (Romsey and Southampton North, Conservative)

  • 16:37:37

    Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP (Chingford and Woodford Green, Conservative)

  • 16:38:06

    Rt Hon Esther McVey MP (Tatton, Conservative)

  • 16:38:30

    Mark Garnier MP (Wyre Forest, Conservative)

  • 16:38:57

    Derek Twigg MP (Halton, Labour)

  • 16:39:28

    Mark Lancaster MP (Milton Keynes North, Conservative)

  • 16:39:51

    Crispin Blunt MP (Reigate, Conservative)

  • 16:40:10

  • 16:40:58

    George Eustice MP (Camborne and Redruth, Conservative)

  • 16:41:36

    Sarah Newton MP (Truro and Falmouth, Conservative)

  • 16:42:42

    Lucy Powell MP (Manchester Central, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:43:04

    Jim McMahon MP (Oldham West and Royton, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:43:41

    Rt Hon David Lammy MP (Tottenham, Labour)

  • 16:44:11

    Mrs Madeleine Moon MP (Bridgend, Labour)

  • 16:44:46

    Jessica Morden MP (Newport East, Labour)

  • 16:45:07

    Meg Hillier MP (Hackney South and Shoreditch, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:45:35

    James Gray MP (North Wiltshire, Conservative)

  • 16:46:07

    Ian Mearns MP (Gateshead, Labour)

  • 16:46:28

    Dominic Raab MP (Esher and Walton, Conservative)

  • 16:46:58

    Sir Paul Beresford MP (Mole Valley, Conservative)

  • 16:47:16

    Mr Mark Hendrick MP (Preston, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:47:58

    Mr Laurence Robertson MP (Tewkesbury, Conservative)

  • 16:48:25

    Maria Eagle MP (Garston and Halewood, Labour)

  • 16:49:03

    Mrs Anne Main MP (St Albans, Conservative)

  • 16:49:33

    Julie Elliott MP (Sunderland Central, Labour)

  • 16:49:55

    Bridget Phillipson MP (Houghton and Sunderland South, Labour)

  • 16:50:24

    Mr Charles Walker MP (Broxbourne, Conservative)

  • 16:50:55

    Mr Graham Brady MP (Altrincham and Sale West, Conservative)

  • 16:51:16

    Conor Burns MP (Bournemouth West, Conservative)

  • 16:51:46

    Kevin Foster MP (Torbay, Conservative)

  • 16:52:02

    Stewart Hosie MP (Dundee East, Scottish National Party)

  • 16:52:25

    Angus Brendan MacNeil MP (Na h-Eileanan an Iar, Scottish National Party)

  • 16:53:16

    Andrew Griffiths MP (Burton, Conservative)

  • 16:53:43

    Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP (Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford, Labour)

  • 16:54:04

    Chris Elmore MP (Ogmore, Labour)

  • 16:54:54

    Ms Marie Rimmer MP (St Helens South and Whiston, Labour)

  • 16:55:42

    Yvonne Fovargue MP (Makerfield, Labour)

  • 16:56:02

    Naz Shah MP (Bradford West, Labour)

  • 16:56:50

    Rehman Chishti MP (Gillingham and Rainham, Conservative)

  • 16:57:20

    Dr Andrew Murrison MP (South West Wiltshire, Conservative)

  • 16:57:47

    Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP (Maldon, Conservative)

  • 16:58:14

    Simon Hoare MP (North Dorset, Conservative)

  • 16:58:42

    Richard Burden MP (Birmingham, Northfield, Labour)

  • 16:58:54

    Mrs Louise Ellman MP (Liverpool, Riverside, Labour (Co-op))

  • 16:59:27

    Wayne David MP (Caerphilly, Labour)

  • 16:59:57

    Matt Warman MP (Boston and Skegness, Conservative)

  • 17:00:18

    Dr Caroline Johnson MP (Sleaford and North Hykeham, Conservative)

  • 17:00:45

    Vernon Coaker MP (Gedling, Labour)

  • 17:01:03

    Phil Wilson MP (Sedgefield, Labour)

  • 17:01:27

    Toby Perkins MP (Chesterfield, Labour)

  • 17:01:54

    Alison McGovern MP (Wirral South, Labour)

  • 17:02:19

    Mrs Emma Lewell-Buck MP (South Shields, Labour)

  • 17:02:45

    Kate Hollern MP (Blackburn, Labour)

  • 17:03:07

    Mr Khalid Mahmood MP (Birmingham, Perry Barr, Labour)

  • 17:03:37

    Angela Smith MP (Penistone and Stocksbridge, Labour)

  • 17:03:59

    Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP (Wolverhampton South East, Labour)

  • 17:04:40

    Paul Farrelly MP (Newcastle-under-Lyme, Labour)

  • 17:05:07

    Grahame Morris MP (Easington, Labour)

  • 17:05:35

    Jo Stevens MP (Cardiff Central, Labour)

  • 17:05:58

    James Morris MP (Halesowen and Rowley Regis, Conservative)

  • 17:06:19

    Mr Mark Prisk MP (Hertford and Stortford, Conservative)

  • 17:06:41

    Thangam Debbonaire MP (Bristol West, Labour)

  • 17:07:07

    Julie Cooper MP (Burnley, Labour)

  • 17:07:31

    Gordon Henderson MP (Sittingbourne and Sheppey, Conservative)

  • 17:07:54

    Neil Parish MP (Tiverton and Honiton, Conservative)

  • 17:08:22

    Rebecca Pow MP (Taunton Deane, Conservative)

  • 17:08:55

    Scott Mann MP (North Cornwall, Conservative)

  • 17:09:48

    Faisal Rashid MP (Warrington South, Labour)

  • 17:10:15

    Stephen Twigg MP (Liverpool, West Derby, Labour (Co-op))

  • 17:10:39

    Rt Hon Edward Miliband MP (Doncaster North, Labour)

  • 17:11:03

    Caroline Dinenage MP (Gosport, Conservative)

  • 17:11:33

    Lyn Brown MP (West Ham, Labour)

  • 17:11:54

    Robert Jenrick MP (Newark, Conservative)

  • 17:12:17

    Michael Tomlinson MP (Mid Dorset and North Poole, Conservative)

  • 17:12:50

    Mr Clive Betts MP (Sheffield South East, Labour)

  • 17:13:20

    Pete Wishart MP (Perth and North Perthshire, Scottish National Party)

  • 17:13:41

    Chris Leslie MP (Nottingham East, Labour (Co-op))

  • 17:14:16

    Nigel Mills MP (Amber Valley, Conservative)

  • 17:14:55

    Lady Hermon MP (North Down, Independent)

  • 17:15:25

    Mrs Sheryll Murray MP (South East Cornwall, Conservative)

  • 17:15:54

    Damian Hinds MP (East Hampshire, Conservative)

  • 17:17:41

    Mr Jonathan Djanogly MP (Huntingdon, Conservative)

  • 17:18:06

    Sir Edward Leigh MP (Gainsborough, Conservative)

  • 17:18:46

    John Mann MP (Bassetlaw, Labour)

  • 17:19:18

    David Morris MP (Morecambe and Lunesdale, Conservative)

  • 17:20:27

    Jake Berry MP (Rossendale and Darwen, Conservative)

  • 17:21:11

    Andrew Selous MP (South West Bedfordshire, Conservative)

  • 17:21:36

    William Wragg MP (Hazel Grove, Conservative)

  • 17:22:24

    Stuart Andrew MP (Pudsey, Conservative)

  • 17:22:48

    Bob Stewart MP (Beckenham, Conservative)

  • 17:23:21

    Chi Onwurah MP (Newcastle upon Tyne Central, Labour)

  • 17:24:10

    Nick Smith MP (Blaenau Gwent, Labour)

  • 17:24:48

    Dr Rosena Allin-Khan MP (Tooting, Labour)

  • 17:25:20

    Rt Hon Mark Francois MP (Rayleigh and Wickford, Conservative)

  • 17:26:04

    Mrs Sharon Hodgson MP (Washington and Sunderland West, Labour)

  • 17:26:45

    Peter Heaton-Jones MP (North Devon, Conservative)

  • 17:27:19

    Jon Cruddas MP (Dagenham and Rainham, Labour)

  • 17:29:35

    Mr John Baron MP (Basildon and Billericay, Conservative)

  • 17:30:02

    Imran Hussain MP (Bradford East, Labour)

  • 18:00:13

    Heather Wheeler MP (South Derbyshire, Conservative)

  • 18:00:36

    Alberto Costa MP (South Leicestershire, Conservative)

  • 18:00:58

    Victoria Prentis MP (Banbury, Conservative)

  • 18:01:19

    Nigel Huddleston MP (Mid Worcestershire, Conservative)

  • 18:01:36

    Maggie Throup MP (Erewash, Conservative)

  • 18:01:55

    Maria Caulfield MP (Lewes, Conservative)

  • 18:02:21

    Paul Scully MP (Sutton and Cheam, Conservative)

  • 18:02:39

    Kevin Hollinrake MP (Thirsk and Malton, Conservative)

  • 18:03:01

    Craig Tracey MP (North Warwickshire, Conservative)

  • 18:03:22

    Mrs Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP (Berwick-upon-Tweed, Conservative)

  • 18:03:40

    Kelly Tolhurst MP (Rochester and Strood, Conservative)

  • 18:04:26

    Mims Davies MP (Eastleigh, Conservative)

  • 18:04:54

    Caroline Lucas MP (Brighton, Pavilion, Green Party)

  • 18:05:27

    Mark Pawsey MP (Rugby, Conservative)

  • 18:05:52

    David T. C. Davies MP (Monmouth, Conservative)

  • 18:06:48

    Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP (The Cotswolds, Conservative)

  • 18:07:17

    Marcus Fysh MP (Yeovil, Conservative)

  • 18:08:46

    John McNally MP (Falkirk, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:09:25

    Wendy Morton MP (Aldridge-Brownhills, Conservative)

  • 18:09:53

    Mary Creagh MP (Wakefield, Labour)

  • 18:10:16

    Andrew Jones MP (Harrogate and Knaresborough, Conservative)

  • 18:11:17

    Judith Cummins MP (Bradford South, Labour)

  • 18:11:52

    Graham Stuart MP (Beverley and Holderness, Conservative)

  • 18:12:29

    Vicky Foxcroft MP (Lewisham, Deptford, Labour)

  • 18:12:50

    Chris Green MP (Bolton West, Conservative)

  • 18:14:12

    Jenny Chapman MP (Darlington, Labour)

  • 18:14:44

    Paul Blomfield MP (Sheffield Central, Labour)

  • 18:15:24

    Nic Dakin MP (Scunthorpe, Labour)

  • 18:16:07

    Jack Dromey MP (Birmingham, Erdington, Labour)

  • 18:17:19

    Karin Smyth MP (Bristol South, Labour)

  • 18:17:22

    Mr Geoffrey Robinson MP (Coventry North West, Labour)

  • 18:18:01

    Martyn Day MP (Linlithgow and East Falkirk, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:19:12

    Dr Philippa Whitford MP (Central Ayrshire, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:20:12

    Mhairi Black MP (Paisley and Renfrewshire South, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:21:25

    Angela Crawley MP (Lanark and Hamilton East, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:22:34

    Douglas Chapman MP (Dunfermline and West Fife, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:23:05

    Alan Brown MP (Kilmarnock and Loudoun, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:23:57

    Antoinette Sandbach MP (Eddisbury, Conservative)

  • 18:24:45

    Johnny Mercer MP (Plymouth, Moor View, Conservative)

  • 18:25:20

    Helen Whately MP (Faversham and Mid Kent, Conservative)

  • 18:25:45

    Jackie Doyle-Price MP (Thurrock, Conservative)

  • 18:26:25

    Mark Tami MP (Alyn and Deeside, Labour)

  • 18:26:55

    Drew Hendry MP (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:27:15

    Joanna Cherry QC MP (Edinburgh South West, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:28:17

    Gavin Newlands MP (Paisley and Renfrewshire North, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:28:45

    Gill Furniss MP (Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough, Labour)

  • 18:29:27

    Colleen Fletcher MP (Coventry North East, Labour)

  • 18:30:00

    Patricia Gibson MP (North Ayrshire and Arran, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:30:31

    Martin Docherty-Hughes MP (West Dunbartonshire, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:31:30

    Christian Matheson MP (City of Chester, Labour)

  • 18:32:04

    Martin Vickers MP (Cleethorpes, Conservative)

  • 18:32:34

    Julian Sturdy MP (York Outer, Conservative)

  • 18:32:57

    Patrick Grady MP (Glasgow North, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:33:30

    Ronnie Cowan MP (Inverclyde, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:33:58

    Marion Fellows MP (Motherwell and Wishaw, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:35:04

    Neil Gray MP (Airdrie and Shotts, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:35:24

    Diana Johnson MP (Kingston upon Hull North, Labour)

  • 18:36:00

    Rachael Maskell MP (York Central, Labour (Co-op))

  • 18:36:37

    Carol Monaghan MP (Glasgow North West, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:37:37

    Alison Thewliss MP (Glasgow Central, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:38:25

    Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP (Birmingham, Hodge Hill, Labour)

  • 18:39:08

    Jess Phillips MP (Birmingham, Yardley, Labour)

  • 18:39:42

    Shabana Mahmood MP (Birmingham, Ladywood, Labour)

  • 18:40:12

    Rushanara Ali MP (Bethnal Green and Bow, Labour)

  • 18:40:45

    Stephen Doughty MP (Cardiff South and Penarth, Labour (Co-op))

  • 18:41:49

    Andrew Rosindell MP (Romford, Conservative)

  • 18:42:29

    Lucy Allan MP (Telford, Conservative)

  • 18:42:59

    Sir Henry Bellingham MP (North West Norfolk, Conservative)

  • 18:43:28

    Margaret Greenwood MP (Wirral West, Labour)

  • 18:44:33

    Fiona Onasanya MP (Peterborough, Labour)

  • 18:44:38

    Dawn Butler MP (Brent Central, Labour)

  • 18:45:55

    Brendan O'Hara MP (Argyll and Bute, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:46:00

    Stewart Malcolm McDonald MP (Glasgow South, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:46:30

    Hannah Bardell MP (Livingston, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:46:53

    Kirsty Blackman MP (Aberdeen North, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:47:32

    Deidre Brock MP (Edinburgh North and Leith, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:48:00

    Stephen Gethins MP (North East Fife, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:48:48

    Chris Law MP (Dundee West, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:49:41

    Mary Glindon MP (North Tyneside, Labour)

  • 18:50:01

    Alex Cunningham MP (Stockton North, Labour)

  • 18:50:23

    Harriett Baldwin MP (West Worcestershire, Conservative)

  • 18:50:53

    Dr Dan Poulter MP (Central Suffolk and North Ipswich, Conservative)

  • 18:51:15

    Edward Argar MP (Charnwood, Conservative)

  • 18:51:50

    James Cartlidge MP (South Suffolk, Conservative)

  • 18:52:22

    Justin Tomlinson MP (North Swindon, Conservative)

  • 18:52:55

    Susan Elan Jones MP (Clwyd South, Labour)

  • 18:53:59

    Gerald Jones MP (Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney, Labour)

  • 18:54:24

    Gareth Johnson MP (Dartford, Conservative)

  • 18:54:45

    Craig Whittaker MP (Calder Valley, Conservative)

  • 18:55:17

    Lucy Frazer MP (South East Cambridgeshire, Conservative)

  • 18:55:49

    Ian Austin MP (Dudley North, Labour)

  • 18:56:34

    Mr Chuka Umunna MP (Streatham, Labour)

  • 18:57:03

    Stuart C. McDonald MP (Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:57:29

    Peter Grant MP (Glenrothes, Scottish National Party)

  • 18:58:38

    Mary Robinson MP (Cheadle, Conservative)

  • 18:59:20

    Charlie Elphicke MP (Dover, Conservative)

  • 18:59:59

    Dr Paul Williams MP (Stockton South, Labour)

  • 19:00:14

    Mr Dennis Skinner MP (Bolsover, Labour)

  • 19:00:44

    Chris Evans MP (Islwyn, Labour (Co-op))

  • 19:00:58

    Peter Aldous MP (Waveney, Conservative)

  • 19:02:02

    Jo Churchill MP (Bury St Edmunds, Conservative)

  • 19:02:44

    Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (Totnes, Conservative)

  • 19:03:07

    Michelle Donelan MP (Chippenham, Conservative)

  • 19:03:37

    Chris Davies MP (Brecon and Radnorshire, Conservative)

  • 19:05:23

    Mr Robert Goodwill MP (Scarborough and Whitby, Conservative)

  • 19:06:27

    Andrew Bridgen MP (North West Leicestershire, Conservative)

  • 19:07:05

    Bob Blackman MP (Harrow East, Conservative)

  • 19:07:56

    Ian Blackford MP (Ross, Skye and Lochaber, Scottish National Party)

  • 19:08:48

    Andrew Percy MP (Brigg and Goole, Conservative)

  • 19:09:09

    Chris Heaton-Harris MP (Daventry, Conservative)

  • 19:10:14

    Tim Loughton MP (East Worthing and Shoreham, Conservative)

  • 19:10:36

    Dr Lisa Cameron MP (East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, Scottish National Party)

  • 19:12:01

    Tommy Sheppard MP (Edinburgh East, Scottish National Party)

  • 19:12:13

    Stephen Pound MP (Ealing North, Labour)

  • 19:13:11

    Chris Stephens MP (Glasgow South West, Scottish National Party)

  • 19:13:58

    Mark Menzies MP (Fylde, Conservative)

  • 19:14:21

    Andrew Stephenson MP (Pendle, Conservative)

  • 19:15:55

    Dan Jarvis MP (Barnsley Central, Labour)

  • 19:16:24

    David Rutley MP (Macclesfield, Conservative)

  • 19:16:58

    Mark Spencer MP (Sherwood, Conservative)

  • 19:17:23

    Christopher Pincher MP (Tamworth, Conservative)

  • 19:17:57

    Richard Graham MP (Gloucester, Conservative)

  • 19:18:18

    Rt Hon Edward Vaizey MP (Wantage, Conservative)

  • 19:18:55

    Ian Murray MP (Edinburgh South, Labour)

  • 19:19:21

    Rebecca Harris MP (Castle Point, Conservative)

  • 19:20:13

    Mr Philip Hollobone MP (Kettering, Conservative)

  • 19:20:51

    Jeremy Quin MP (Horsham, Conservative)

  • 19:21:22

    Stephen Kinnock MP (Aberavon, Labour)

  • 19:21:52

    Jeff Smith MP (Manchester, Withington, Labour)

  • 19:24:38

    Guy Opperman MP (Hexham, Conservative)

  • 19:29:17

    Philip Davies MP (Shipley, Conservative)