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  • Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Justice

  • Q1. What recent assessment she has made of the potential (a) financial and (b) social benefits of reducing reoffending rates. (909086)

    Mr Steve Baker MP (Wycombe, Conservative)

  • Q2. What progress her Department has made on reforming the youth justice system. (909087)

    Mr David Burrowes MP (Enfield, Southgate, Conservative)

  • Q3. What assessment the Government has made of the effect of recent changes in the discount rate for compensation for accident victims on the level of insurance premiums. (909088)

    John Pugh MP (Southport, Liberal Democrat)

  • Q4. What progress has been made on ensuring that only legitimate whiplash claims are successful. (909089)

    Luke Hall MP (Thornbury and Yate, Conservative)

  • Q5. What proportion of appeals against personal independence payment awards in Inverclyde were successful in (a) 2015 and (b) 2016. (909090)

    Ronnie Cowan MP (Inverclyde, Scottish National Party)

  • Q6. What steps she is taking to ensure that prisoners receive appropriate treatment for mental health problems. (909091)

    Rt Hon Alistair Carmichael MP (Orkney and Shetland, Liberal Democrat)

  • Q7. What progress has been made on making access to affordable or pro bono legal advice more widely available. (909092)

    Jason McCartney MP (Colne Valley, Conservative)

  • Q8. What recent assessment she has made of the extent to which local media report on court proceedings. (909093)

    Rt Hon John Whittingdale MP (Maldon, Conservative)

  • Q9. What steps she is taking to increase recruitment and retention of prison officers. (909094)

    Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP (City of Durham, Labour)

  • Q10. What progress the Government has made on modernising the court system. (909095)

    Wendy Morton MP (Aldridge-Brownhills, Conservative)

  • Q11. Which organisations she consulted on the prison service pay award announced by her Department on 19 February 2017. (909096)

    Mr Jim Cunningham MP (Coventry South, Labour)

  • Q12. How many people are serving sentences of imprisonment for public protection which have lasted for more than twice the length of their original sentence. (909097)

    Mr Christopher Chope MP (Christchurch, Conservative)

  • Q13. What steps the Government is taking to ensure that prisoners work and earn while they serve their sentences. (909098)

    Huw Merriman MP (Bexhill and Battle, Conservative)

  • Q14. What steps she is taking to review the capability of (a) HM Prison Service and (b) contracted-out prisons to respond to incidents of concerted indiscipline. (909099)

    Mr Gavin Shuker MP (Luton South, Labour (Co-op))

  • Q15. What progress the Government has made on recruiting more prison staff. (909100)

    Graham Evans MP (Weaver Vale, Conservative)

  • Q16. What steps she is taking to increase recruitment and retention of prison officers. (909101)

    Tom Blenkinsop MP (Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Labour)

  • Q17. What steps the Government is taking to make prisons safer and more secure. (909102)

    Amanda Solloway MP (Derby North, Conservative)

  • Q18. What steps the Government is taking to ensure that foreign national offenders are returned to their home countries to serve their sentences. (909103)

    James Duddridge MP (Rochford and Southend East, Conservative)

  • Q19. What proportion of legal aid is allocated to cases of foreign nationals convicted in the UK who are appealing against deportation. (909104)

    Simon Danczuk MP (Rochdale, Independent)

  • Q20. What her plans are for unused land on the prison estate on the Isle of Wight. (909105)

    Mr Andrew Turner MP (Isle of Wight, Conservative)

  • Q21. What progress her Department has made on reforming the youth justice system. (909107)

    Michael Tomlinson MP (Mid Dorset and North Poole, Conservative)

  • Q22. What steps she plans to take to ensure that savings to the public purse from reforms to whiplash and small injuries claims processes are passed on to the public. (909109)

    Ruth Cadbury MP (Brentford and Isleworth, Labour)

  • Q23. What her policy is on the protection of human rights after the UK leaves the EU. (909110)

    Owen Thompson MP (Midlothian, Scottish National Party)

  • Topical Questions to the Secretary of State for Justice

  • Urgent Question: Housing Benefits (18 to 21 Year-Olds)

  • Ten Minute Rule Motion : Queen's Sapphire Jubilee

    Andrew Rosindell MP (Romford, Conservative)

  • Legislation: Children and Social Work Bill [HL] - Report stage

  • Legislation: Children and Social Work Bill [HL] - Legislative Grand Committee

  • Legislation: Children and Social Work Bill [HL] - 3rd reading

  • Motion: Appointment of the Chairman of the UK Statistics Authority

  • Motion: Standing Orders

  • Adjournment: Rural policing and hare coursing

    John Glen MP (Salisbury, Conservative)

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