House of Lords - EXTRACT

Thursday 21 January 2016 Meeting started at 11.06am, ended 6.57pm


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Lords Chamber

Event Type:
Main chamber

  • Oral questions 1: Inquiry into the safety of hormone pregnancy tests

    Lord Kennedy of Southwark (Labour)

  • Oral questions 2: The impact of social cohesion of income inequality

    Lord Foulkes of Cumnock (Labour)

  • Oral questions 3: Establishing humanist marriage ceremonies in England and Wales

    Baroness Thornton (Labour)

  • Oral questions 4: Suggestion by the Chief Executive of NHS England that the Government should look at all the options for adequately funding health and social care

    Lord Hunt of Kings Heath (Labour)

  • Business of the House

  • Debate: Proposals for Prison Reform

  • Short debate: The security and human rights challenges on the Korean Peninsula following North Korea’s recent nuclear test

    Lord Alton of Liverpool (Crossbench)

  • Statement: Litvinenko Inquiry

  • Debate: Contribution of women to business, the economy and the future of economic growth in the UK

  • Short debate: Strategy to defeat ISIL in Syria

    Lord Truscott (Independent Labour)

  • 14:08:49

    Lord Alton of Liverpool (Crossbench)

  • 14:18:10

    Baroness Berridge (Conservative)

  • 14:24:11

    Lord Rowe-Beddoe (Crossbench)

  • 14:29:51

    Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer (Liberal Democrat)

  • 14:35:50

    Baroness Cox (Crossbench)

  • 14:41:44

    Lord Williams of Baglan (Crossbench)

  • 14:47:36

    Lord Collins of Highbury (Labour)

  • 14:53:37

    Baroness Anelay of St Johns, Minister of State (Conservative)